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Earthquake EngineeringReinforced  Concrete

Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake Engineering can be defined as the branch of engineering devoted to mitigating earthquake hazards. Earthquake engineering covers the investigation and solution of the...... 

Reinforced  ConcreteTransportation Engineeringundefined

Transportation engineering includes design of the transportation system and building of its lines and rolling stock. Determination of the traffic requirements of the route and setting up efficient and safe schedules, and the interaction of the system with the community and the environment.


This branch of civil engineering concerns with the environmental problems, solutions to them, impact of engineering applications on the environment and other projects concerning health and safety of public and natural conservation.

Structure Engineering

Structure Engineering is the most major field in Civil Engineering. In this field engineers design structures, analyze their stability by the use of softwares or manual calculations and then construct them.

Geotechnical  Engineering

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Civil Engineering  Calculators  (CE Calculators)

Moment of Inertia calculatorNew

For different sections including

I-section and T-section.

Deflection CalculatorNew

Easy to use calculator for

different loads on beams

Problem SolverNew

A collection of illustrated solved

examples for civil engineers.

RC Beam CalculatorNew

Calculate the strength of

Reinforced concrete beams


A collection of quiz in different

areas of civil engineering

Bending Moment calculatorNew

Calculate Bending moments for

simply supported beams

CE HorizonNew

Online Civil Engineering Journal

and Magazine

Job Search

worldwide jobs for civil engineers

External Resources

Online study material from other authentic sources


B.M. Calculator for Simple beam

Shear force and bending moment calculations for different loading cases of simply supported beam

Moment Distribution CalculatorNew

Solving Indeterminate Beams with different loads

Fixed Beam CalculatorNew

Fixed end moment, bending moment & reaction calculation for fixed beam

Deflection Calculator for simple beam

Slope and deflection calculation for different loading

Problem SolverNew

A collection of illustrated solved examples, bending moment equation, diagram, slope & deflection etc. .


A collection of quiz in different areas of civil engineering

CE HorizonNew

Online Civil Engineering Journal and Magazine


Moment of Inertia calculatorNew

For different sections including I-section and T-section.

Deflection CalculatorNew

Easy to use calculator for different loads on beams

RC Beam CalculatorNew

Calculate the strength of reinforced concrete beams

Civil Engineering ConferencesNew

Civil Engineering Conferences & seminars. 

Reinforced concreteNew

Theory of reinforced concrete analysis and design


Profile of Civil EngineersNew

Get to know about distinguished civil engineers

Overhanging Beam Bending Moment Calculator

This free online calculator is developed to provide a software tool for calculation of Bending Moment and Shear Force at any section of overhanging beam subjected to point load or uniformly distributed load.

Instructions for using Overhanging Beam Calculator

(i). Sign convention (a) The loads acting upward are considered as positive while the downward loads are taken as negative. Sagging bending moment is taken as positive and hogging as negative.

(b)The clock-wise rotation and moments are negative and anticlock-wise as positive.


(ii) All the distances should be measured with reference to the origin of axes which is taken at the extreme left end of the beam. All the distances should be entered in meter. d1 and d3 are the unsupported lengths of the beam on the left and right side of the supports at A and B. d2 is the length of beam which is supported.

(iii)The point load (P) is to be entered in kN and UDL in kN/m. It will give the values of support reactions in kN, Bending Moment in kNm and Shear Force in kN.

(iv) You can also quickly get the B.M. values at different sections of the beam, just by changing the position of section "x".

(v) In case of more than one load, take the sum of the results of all the cases (apply principle of superposition). Calculated values can be used to plot the bending moment diagram.

(vi) This calculator can also be used to find the ordinates of influence line diagram for structures.


Select the Loading case from the following

Point Load on the beam

point load on overhanging beam

Uniform Load on the beam

Uniform load on overhanging beam


                                   Free Animations



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I am Engineer Md Abdus Salam Sheikh working in LGED as an Executive Engineer. My father is Late Rahim Uddin Sheikh and mother is Late Salma Begom. My Grand Father is Late S M Sheikh, late Jahur Ali (Brother of my grand father)and Late Durlav Sheikh, Late Fakir Sheikh (mother relation). I am also nephew of late Ali Reza,who was one of the accused among 35 in theagartala conspiracy case officially called "State vs Sheikh MujiburRahman & Others Case" of 1968.My another uncle late Ali Imam was the legendary football coach of Abhani, Mohameddun, Brothers sporting club. My another uncle Ali Hafiz was a politician and he was theexecutive member of Dhaka Club. All of three passed away and my otheruncle who are alive is Ali Nawaz and Ali Haider Montu. Ali Nawaz wasalso an accused person of Agortola Conspirecy Case but,police could notarrest him at that time. He fled away. My last youngar uncle Ali HaiderMontu is a retired SP and lives in Dhaka. He has been followed hisfather's job. We are 11 brother & sister. Now, we are 6 alive, 4brother and 2 Sister. Two brother and Two sister were died in theirchildhood period. My 2nd Sister Ms Zahura Khaun M.sc, B.ed,M.Ed was died in 1998. We are the generation of Tekri Sheikh. I am married having 2 (two) nice kids. My wife Ms Sharmin Akter is a house wife andshe has been graduated in BA under Rajshahi University. My elder daughter Sheikh Mehzabin Salam Orchee reads in HSC Class (HSC candidate,2014) in Kushtia Goverment college and younger daughter Sheikh Mymuna Salam Auarina reads in class Four in Kushtia Government Girls High School.My parmanent address: Village:Lahini, Thana: Kotowali, Upazila: Kushtia Sadar, District: Kushtia. I have been working in LGED as an Executive Engineer. 


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