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Thematic Concept of Eco-Town



 "Thematic Proposal for Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development and the Concept of Eco-Towns of the South Asia Region in Bangladesh " by Engr Md Abdus Salam, LGED.

On behalf of LGED I would like to propose this concept to THE LGRD Ministry and other Organization to implement Bangabandhu’s  and Sheikh Hasina’s dream DIGITAL BANGLADESH” through “VISION 2021” BY arranging a  "International Conference on Eco-Products for Competitiveness in Global Markets" in south Asian country Bangladesh.
This concept is a good project, which will help in the development of Urban and Rural infrastructure step-by-step for local and national governments in our developing country Bangladesh to set up Eco-towns in our Urban and Rural Area.

What are Eco-Towns?
Eco-towns are areas where urban planning and environmental management tools are applied to pursue synergies in resource utilization, waste management, environmental preservation, and promotion of industrial & economic development. Industries, other commercial activities and residents located in the designated 'Eco-town' area optimize their resource use by practicing recycling within their manufacturing process, in between the industries, and between industries and residents.

Eco towns have a number of key features such as,

  • Strong relationship among industries, commercial activities and society
  •  A policy framework including legislation and incentives to enable various actors operate in an environmentally sustainable manner and move towards a recycling-based society
  •  A large and rapidly expanding Eco-business market including research, development and increasing use of Eco-friendly products both in the public and private sectors
  • Strong focus on environmentally sound technologies, and innovative/cutting-edge solutions to solve environmental problems, and
  •  Focus on energy and material conservation, and integrated waste management

Eco-Towns in Bangladesh Eco Towns in Bangladesh should be developed in the coming 11 years by utilizing regional technology and industry in Bangladesh. Local governments and LGED would be worked in partnership with LGRD Ministry to build such complexes.

A number of developmental objectives would be simultaneously achieved in Eco-towns. It would help to stimulate the local economy and secure employment as well as to dispose waste in an environmentally sound manner and protect air and water resources. Through a number of overseas visits & trainings I would like to learn in the setting up of such Eco towns in Bangladesh, not only within Dhaka, but also in the other cities where they are located.

In the fiscal year 2010-2011 I would like to conduct a research on Eco-Towns in Bangladesh focusing on identifying the key lessons learn in the setting up of the Eco towns.

Town Images: Designed using the housing densities and land allocation already published in the vision document, these images provide the most up to date detail of how the town could look & feel. Showing three different views in and around the site, the visuals help to bring the Eco-town to life and provide a clearer understanding.



 Town Square: The image demonstrates a fully-integrated and mixed community which is easy to get around and, importantly, is more sustainable. The central point is proposed to be like a miniature version of the Great Park, with allotments, orchards and play space.




Large proportions of the site (approximately 60-70%) will remain green and public open space - including a Great Park, providing a major recreational and educational facility for our Proposed Town and its surrounds, as well as retaining a significant farming presence on the site.







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I am Engineer Md Abdus Salam Sheikh working in LGED as an Executive Engineer. My father is Late Rahim Uddin Sheikh and mother is Late Salma Begom. My Grand Father is Late S M Sheikh, late Jahur Ali (Brother of my grand father)and Late Durlav Sheikh, Late Fakir Sheikh (mother relation). I am also nephew of late Ali Reza,who was one of the accused among 35 in theagartala conspiracy case officially called "State vs Sheikh MujiburRahman & Others Case" of 1968.My another uncle late Ali Imam was the legendary football coach of Abhani, Mohameddun, Brothers sporting club. My another uncle Ali Hafiz was a politician and he was theexecutive member of Dhaka Club. All of three passed away and my otheruncle who are alive is Ali Nawaz and Ali Haider Montu. Ali Nawaz wasalso an accused person of Agortola Conspirecy Case but,police could notarrest him at that time. He fled away. My last youngar uncle Ali HaiderMontu is a retired SP and lives in Dhaka. He has been followed hisfather's job. We are 11 brother & sister. Now, we are 6 alive, 4brother and 2 Sister. Two brother and Two sister were died in theirchildhood period. My 2nd Sister Ms Zahura Khaun M.sc, B.ed,M.Ed was died in 1998. We are the generation of Tekri Sheikh. I am married having 2 (two) nice kids. My wife Ms Sharmin Akter is a house wife andshe has been graduated in BA under Rajshahi University. My elder daughter Sheikh Mehzabin Salam Orchee reads in HSC Class (HSC candidate,2014) in Kushtia Goverment college and younger daughter Sheikh Mymuna Salam Auarina reads in class Four in Kushtia Government Girls High School.My parmanent address: Village:Lahini, Thana: Kotowali, Upazila: Kushtia Sadar, District: Kushtia. I have been working in LGED as an Executive Engineer. 


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