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 QIS is the ICON of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) in Bangladesh


Quamrul Islam Siddique
(20 January 1945 - 01 September 2008)

Mr. Quamrul Islam Siddique was a Civil Engineer and a Town and Regional Planner by profession. He worked for over 30 years in LGED which is a unique government organization entrusted with infrastructure development works throughout the whole country both in the urban and rural areas dealing with roads, waterways, irrigation and drainage. Mr. Siddique was a Prominent Freedom Fighter.

He was the President of Bangladesh Water Partnership and Immediate Past Chairman of South Asia Region of Global Water Partnership. He was also the Past President of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). He was past Executive Director of Dhaka Transport Coordination Board (DTCB) a planning and coordination authority for the urban transport of Dhaka Metropolitan City and was actively associated with different national and international organizations.

He made major improvement in the management efficiency of the Bangladesh Power Development Board. Later on, as Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Public Works he made a major review of the Master Plans of the four major cities (Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi and Khulna). Mr. Siddique has greatly contributed in improvement of management efficiency in the public sector.

He is Former Secretary, Jamuna Bridge Division under Ministry of Communications, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Public Works, Chairman, Privatization Commission, Chairman, Bangladesh Power Development Board and Chief Engineer, Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) in Bangladesh.

LGED has engineering set up in every Upazilas (465 Sub-districts), 64 districts and 6 Divisions with its HQ in Dhaka having resources of around Tk. 3000 crores (equivalent to US$ 500 Million) per year from the government as well as from the development partners like World Bank, ADB, JBIC, KFW and all other donor agencies operating in Bangladesh for implementation of all types of infrastructure development projects covering roads, waterways, irrigation and drainage, rural markets, floods and cyclone centers, schools, integrated urban infrastructure and slum improvement and energy development in rural areas through bio-gas and renewable resources.

Mr. Siddique has greatly contributed in improvement of management efficiency in the public sector. His main achievement was in improving the accountability and functional efficiency of the public sector organizations in the local governments, housing and public works and in the power sector. He also played important role in the privatization process of government owned enterprises while he was chairman of privatization Commission, Government of Bangladesh. He made major improvement in the management efficiency of the Bangladesh Power Development Board.

He is associated with many social and professional bodies at home and abroad and got awards for his public services.





 From: Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com>

Date: Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: Pictures of conference
To: Salam kst <salam.kst@gmail.com>, "F.I Siddique" <fakhrul.i.siddique@gmail.com>, Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com>, "Mr. Giasuddin Ahmed Choudhury, Executive Director, CEGIS" <gchdhury@cegisbd.com>, Iffat Huque <ihuque@cegisbd.com>, Ambassador Muhammad Zamir<mzamir@dhaka.net>, "Dr. Ainun Nishat" <nishat@iucnbd.org>, "Dr.Bilqis Amin Hoque, Executive Chairman, EPRC & EC Member, BWP" <eprc@bol-online.com>, "Dr. Kh. Azharul Haq, Former Managing Director, DWASA" <kahaq@dhaka.net>, "Prof. Dr. Anwarul Karim" <drakarim@bttb.net.bd>, xen kushtia <xenkushtia@yahoo.com>, "Ms. Miwa Okura" <mot27178@pl.ritsumei.ac.jp>, sugatani@mub.biglobe.ne.jp,cdp@cdpbd.org, "Mr. Md. Shahidul Hassan, Chief Engineer, LGED and Vice-President, BWP" <ce-lged@bangla.net>, "Mr. Md. Nurul Islam, Addl. Chief Engineer (Planning), LGED" <nislam48@yahoo.com>, "Mr. Bashir Uddin Ahmad, Project Director, SSWRDSP, LGED" <pdbashir@yahoo.com>, "Mr. Moshiur Rahman, Executive Engineer, SSWRDSP, LGED" <moshiur57@yahoo.com>, bakrbd71@yahoo.com

Thanks Salam for sending Garai AWP Conference pictures.I could see Ms Miwa Okura (from Ritsumei University), Mr Sugatani,Dr Anwarul Karim and all others are taking active part in the meeting attended by 45 participants from the Govt agencies, Islamic University,media and NGO's.-------------QIS 



On 8/22/07, Salam kst <salam.kst@gmail.com> wrote:

From: Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com>
Date: Sun, Aug 12, 2007 at 4:56 PM
Subject: Re: shob e meraj
To: Salam kst <salam.kst@gmail.com>

Thank you Salam.----------------QIS
On 8/12/07, Salam kst <salam.kst@gmail.com> wrote:
sir, shob e meraj has been observed at baria orphanage and jam e
mosque on last evening. a milad mahfil has been arranged at my village 
lahini house due to my mother's death anneverse in this noon. my
mother has been died on 13th august/06. i am here. salam



CFrom: Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com>

Date: Sun, Sep 9, 2007 at 10:04 PM
Subject: Re: My grand mom in law died last night
To: Salam kst <salam.kst@gmail.com>
Cc: "F.I Siddique" <fakhrul.i.siddique@gmail.com>, Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com>

Dear Salam,
Sorry to hear the sad demise of your grand mom-in-law.
On 9/9/07, Salam kst <salam.kst@gmail.com> wrote:
Sir, my grand mom in law pass away last night(inna lillah.......). Salam

On 9/9/07, Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com> wrote:
Dear Salam Bhai, QIS Sir is now in USA. We are really sad to hear another sad news for you! -With regards. ---Reba
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 22:58:17 +0600
From: qis@bol-online.com
To: salam.kst-bd@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Channel-i Money talk
CC: fakhrul.i.siddique@gmail.com; xenkushtia@yahoo.com; robiulbhss@yahoo.com; sami_alhaque@yahoo.com; hafez_kashem@yahoo.com; zannatulferdous_kst@yahoo.com; shiblyhasan_bhscs@yahoo.com; qazibabul@gmail.com; sunjida_bhscs@yahoo.com; rashidulbhscs@yahoo.com

Thank you Salam for the update and also for the pictures. Please find out why the newly appointed english teacher (Shibly) is not responding to my mail to give report on his  computer training at Jessore. He is seeming to be not only a shirker but also insubordinate in his temperament.  In that case ask the Head Master to put him under discipline and observe his quality of teaching on which the previous DC, Kushtia on his sudden inspection to our school, made a reference of poor quality of english teaching in the classes.-----------------QIS

On 8/4/07, Md Abdus Salam <salam.kst-bd@hotmail.com > wrote: Sir,
I've watched the Money Talk showed informed by Mamun bhai over channel-i TV just prior moment with my family. My wife appreciated you and requested you to take care of your health. In TV show you are looked sick and you should through check up your health in abroad.
Sir, I've sent you pics of LCS training again. But Ms Reba paul did not inform me more in this connections. Mr. Rashid, Executive Engineer, LGED, Kushtia visited Baria school and made an open discussion with all of teachers in connection with improving teaching environment as excellent result in all examination specially in Board exam. 
Here I am giving you some picturtes of that days.
Thank you.

  •  --- On Mon, 8/20/07, Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com> wrote:
    From: Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com>
    Subject: Re: Follow up your order
    To: "md salam" <salam2007_kst@yahoo.com>
    Cc: "F.I Siddique" <fakhrul.i.siddique@gmail.com>, "Robiul Islam" <robiulbhss@yahoo.com>, "DM Pathan" <sami_alhaque@yahoo.com>, "qazibabul" <qazibabul@gmail.com>, "Md Hasan" <shiblyhasan_bhscs@yahoo.com>, "rashidul haque" <rashidulbhscs@yahoo.com>, sunjida_bhscs@yahoo.com, "Erfat Ara" <araerfat@yahoo.com>, "zannatul ferdous" <zannatulferdous_kst@yahoo.com>, "Hafez Mowlana" <hafez_kashem@yahoo.com>, "sima rani" <simarani_bhscs@yahoo.com>, "Quamrul Islam Siddique" <qis@bol-online.com>
    Date: Monday, August 20, 2007, 10:28 AM

    Yes , this is the correct way of sending mails over the previous mail shown below. Give heavy shunting to Pathan and Babul for their constantly lying  and also on their poor Knowledge on computer. They also have poor knowledge in english. I think both of their certificates are fake and they are not fit for teaching. I will sack both of them for their poor quality of teaching  and for their lack of sincerity.---------------QIS

    On 8/20/07, md salam <salam2007_kst@yahoo.com> wrote:
    Your instructions have been informed to the teachers, Mr. pathan and babul in the morning over cell phone. In this evening Mr.pathan & babul both of them were called in my office and I asked them to mail you accessing their previous mailing instructions regularly. I also asked them on computer training course at Khatun Manjil and also its main barrier. Why they are not able to perform the training course at there. I assured them to give all of my support in this aspect inviting a cordial relationship with me. I urged head master to give you a clear picture of scouting budget mentioning teachers and students contributions. Please don't be worried. Take care of your health. 
    Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com> wrote:
    Robiul Islam,
    Why you did not send reply on my mail  forwarded below ? How many times I would have to tell you that I like to check up your answers based on my previous mails ? Why the criminal Babul is not responding to my mail. What action you are taking against him and also Pathan who is also another idiot and unfit to be a teacher in our school ?
    Did you send anytime report to me about the performance of scouting in the school ?  So how I would be able to know they are mature enough to participate in an international scout jamboree ? Did you give answer to me on my different queries on your estimate costing around Tk 59,000/ ? Why you are not telling me how much cost would be shared by the students and teachers ?

    On 8/19/07, Robiul Islam <robiulbhss@yahoo.com > wrote:
    The President
    BHSCS, Boria Kushtia
    At first take my salaam. Hope that you are well by the grace of almighty Allah. The scout teachers have sent you an e-mail about scouting. Md. Atiar Rahman , assistant teacher (scout teacher) has discussed with Mr. Lulul Bahar, The Headmaster of   Kushtia High School (The Secretary of Kushtia District scout) and Shafikul Alom ,The Leader Trainer of Kushtia district scout about participating the scout team of our school in COMDECA .. They have given the idea of the amount and it has sent for your kind information. If you give us permition , we will take preparation . As the students are very poor, they don't be able to pay the cost for taking part in any scouting function. Mr. Shafikul Alom will not be the guide of our school team. Our scout teacher will guide the team. I will discuss with Mr. Ronju Choudury and District Field commissioner very soon and inform you about their advice.
    The scout team of our school participates in the district function regularly. But they did not do in the national function.
    The admission of H.S.C. (B.M.) is going now. 55 students have already taken admission.  
     I pray for your good health and happy life.
    Yours truly,
    Md. Robiul Islam
    The Headmaster of BHSCS
 -- On Fri, 8/3/07, Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com> wrote:
From: Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com>
Subject: Re: Picture of lotus
To: "md salam" <salam2007_kst@yahoo.com>
Cc: "F.I Siddique" <fakhrul.i.siddique@gmail.com>, "Robiul Islam" <robiulbhss@yahoo.com>, "Hafez Mowlana" <hafez_kashem@yahoo.com>, "DM Pathan" <sami_alhaque@yahoo.com>, "Quamrul Islam Siddique" <qis@bol-online.com>
Date: Friday, August 3, 2007, 6:02 AM

Thanks for sending pictures op blue lotus. Pls plant more blue, white ad red lotus in our school pond and also at Bhadalia Khamarbari pond.

 On Mon, 9/24/07, Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com> wrote:
From: Quamrul Islam Siddique <qis@bol-online.com>
Subject: Website of BHSCS
To: "Quamrul Islam Siddique" <qis@bol-online.com>
Cc: "F.I Siddique" <fakhrul.i.siddique@gmail.com>, "md salam" <salam2007_kst@yahoo.com>, "Kazi Tamzid Ahmed" <engr.tamzid@gmail.com>, raju@lged.org
Date: Monday, September 24, 2007, 10:49 AM

Please send the updated website of BHSCS with photo gallery. Also ask Salam, Upazila Engineer to send pictures of School pond, mosque, garden around the mosque , orphanage , view of the pond from the rooftop of the School and  also the full frontal view of the School. If necessary ask Salam to take Comrade ( came from New York ) and photographer Hossain to do this work.
PS,  Tamzid, Pls help Reba in this respect and follow up this with Upazila Engineer Salam and Raju ( GIS )

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