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Welcome to the thematic Life in the Town pages which will explore the Local Government eco-town and give a sense of what it might be like to live in the town. (Thematic Conceptional View)

If Government permits Local Government Engineering Department, then it is possible to Planning Policy Statement (PPS) on Eco Towns and named seven schemes in the first phase that will go forward to the next stage of planning. If the Government recognizes the ability of LGED’s plans to benefit the local community in Urban and Rural level by creating affordable housing in the area, then identified transport and employment creation issues that needed further consideration. LGED’s intention remains as previously outlined and reflects LGED’s commitment to the plan-led process.  LGED will continue to move forward with its existing dialogue with local councils and communities to reach agreement on how best to develop the site to create environmentally sustainable and affordable housing.  This is important given the need for thousands of new homes in the region and locally where LGED’s site remains a leading option, giving choice to people between planned development supported by a sound business case and infrastructure versus unrestricted growth and pressure on dozens of towns and villages across the sub-region.

Once more, thank you to if you kindly give me some opportunity to engage constructively in the Eco-town process.  I look forward to working with the Government as LGED’s Engineer taking this scheme forward.


 Eco-City and LGED’s Vision

Eco-City will make use of the latest sustainable technologies such as solar power, wind power, rainwater recycling, and waste-water treatment/desalination of sea water. In order to reduce the city’s carbon emissions, residents will be encouraged to use an advanced light rail system, and 90 percent of traffic within the city will be public transport. The development also features some beautiful public green spaces

The city will be divided into seven distinct sectors – a Life-scape, an Eco-Valley, a Solar-scape, an Urban-scape, a Wind-scape, an Earth-scape and Eco-Corridors. Surrounded by greenery, the Life-scape will consist of a series of soil-topped mounds that will counteract the towering apartment buildings of the other communities. To the north of the Life-scape, the Solar-scape will act as the administrative and civic center of the Eco-City. Demonstrating the concept of a compact, multilayer-ed city, the Urban-scape will be the core of the Eco-City, featuring stacked programs interconnected by sky-bridges at multiple levels to make efficient use of vertical space. In contrast to the Urban-scape, the Earth-scape will act as a sort of suburb of the city, with stepped architecture that will maximize public green space.


Eco-towns are part of the Government’s response to the twin challenges of climate change and the drastic housing shortage we face in the BANGLADESH.  There are a small part of the solution to building the 3m homes that the Government estimates are needed in the BANGLADESH by 2021.  LGED is also, critically an opportunity to challenge traditional thinking and raise the bar for developers, local authorities and local politicians alike; to ensure that communities are developed where people want to live; where people can enjoy a high quality of life in an attractive environment; and to address the wider issues of housing need, affordability, transport and the environment. 

The Eco-town process has ensured that sites such as the Eco-town for 7 divisions are brought forward by landowners for consideration as strategic solutions - big opportunities to get it right, rather than piecemeal developments which often do not provide a holistic solution to the issues the BANGLADESH faces in creating the thriving communities of the future.

The Co-operative Group is not a traditional developer - to even consider participating in this process LGED had to fundamentally believe that the cause is not only worthwhile but that LGED can create an Eco-town, which sets the benchmark for the development of sustainable communities.

LGED are to be uniquely placed to deliver the Eco-town vision.  LGED are a community based and community owned organization and will bring its experience to bear on new forms of governance which will give residents direct influence over the way the Eco-town develops.

However, LGED is a leading farmer and will use the Eco-town to pioneer new methods of local food supply and agricultural energy production which will be needed to meet the challenges of climate change.

LGED is already a producer of sustainable energy with plans to make the Eco-town “energy positive”, producing surplus electricity which can be supplied to nearby communities.

LGED proposes to do this by creating a Master-plan for LGED landholding, designating and protecting the farmland and open spaces within a Great Park as part of the planning process.  This is a legacy and a commitment that only a landholder such as The Co-operative Group could consider creating for the people of the division.

Situated within the Great Park the town will be at the centre of Local government’s as Zilla Parishad’s landholding, concentrated on previously developed land and its surrounds. More than two thirds of Local  government’s landholding will remain in farming and countryside uses – a commitment, Local Government has enhanced further since the beginning of the process and one which underpins some of the key health and government will being benefits of the town through access to extensive open spaces, countryside and local food production.

As the threat posed by climate change has emerged, so has the realization that LGED can’t go on living the way LGED have done.  LGED have to find ways of reducing its impact on the environment and the way LGED’s design and build Local Government communities can make a big difference.

The ability to develop sustainable cities and towns – ones which generate their own essentials such as food and energy while keeping their environmental and ecological “footprint” as small as possible - has never been more urgent. LGED believe that Eco-towns are a fundamental part of the solution and a way of raising the bar for new developments, focusing on the development of sustainable communities by creating places where people want to live, in places they want to live in and where it’s easy to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. The time, effort and resources Local Government has put into this project are considerable and through extensive consultation to date, LGED believes it now has a design for a sustainable community which both exceeds the Government’s criteria set out for Eco-town development, and is capable of being a world class, exemplar development.

The Eco-town for 7 (seven divisional town) will be very different to any other town in the BANGLADESH. 

  • It will be different at the outset in the way that it is designed. Residents will be directly involved in the town’s design and development through a panel which LGED will establish before construction work begins.
  • It will be different in the way that it is run, giving residents a share in and democratic control over the nature and provision of local services.
  • LGED will ensure that there is a fast, safe and efficient public transport service available for the first occupants of the town so that they are encouraged to make a step change in the transport choices that they make. 
  • LGED will ensure that the right range of living accommodation from starter homes through to sheltered accommodation is provided so that people don’t have to move out of the community at key stages of their lives.  It will be a genuinely mixed community, with people from all backgrounds living side-by-side.
  • LGED will ensure that the health and well being of the residents of the town is central to its design, focusing on the creation of a place which works well for its residents on all levels.
  • LGED will ensure that the town is designed to foster social and economic sustainability, providing education and employment and boosting the regeneration of the city region.

Whatever the final shape of the development, the same principles will apply – give people who may live or work there, a real sense of place, of ownership and a high quality of life in an attractive environment, making sustainable choices the easy and enjoyable option.
I hope that you will find the new pages on the on newly build-up website informative and stimulating very soon.  LGED's views continue to be vital for the development of an Eco-town for our country.

The Government should be proposed up to seven new Eco-towns across the BANGLADESH to help meet the national demand for new homes. The final selection is expected to be made later this year.

LGED has a dynamic vision for our Eco-town - a community in which we will retain a long term involvement and which will bring long-lasting and wide-ranging benefits to the county. LGED is well advanced department in our  thinking but this is a major development - LGED need constructive views and ideas from local people on how these ideas can be put into practice for everyone's benefit.

This new website holds the most up to date details we have, to be shared with the public, and will be updated on a regular basis. LGED need your input on how the community can be put together to bring maximum benefit to the area.

As plans continue to develop through further consultation, LGED will continue to undertake and fund research into the impact and potential benefits of an Eco-town on our land.

The purpose of this new website is to explain more about our vision for the Eco-town and to bring forward the ideas from our proposals and studies, but most importantly, it has been set up as one means by which as wide a variety of people as possible can contribute to the debate – tell us what you think so we can deliver an Eco-town, so that the people of our country will be proud of. Our plans for this town are still developing and your views count.

On this site you will find our vision for an Eco-town in Dhaka, Rangpur as a pilot project and how we believe it can be achieved.  Also contained within this site is information about the Co-operative Group and what it stands for as details on Local Government Partnership.


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Go Green cold mix color aphalt project in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province
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Please, Go Green cold mix colored asphalt Urban landscaping project, adding beautiful colour and ecological environmental protection concept for city center urban square, driveway and parking lot. For the example,
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